Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I'm Not Weighing Myself Anymore

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June 19, 2017

Today, I take up
equal space of thirty-two
sad, fat newborn mes.

      I imagine some of you will sigh and shake your heads, perhaps shed a tear, when you read my sixty-first birthday haiku.  Go ahead and make this about you instead of me.  I’m used to that.

      I know it’s late in my life game, but I am going to re-imagine what a different life could have been like –beloved beautiful newborn to grandmother crone.  I have made a plan for each day of my 61st, technically 62nd, year on the planet.  These things I’ll do every day:

·         Not weigh myself (Except at my doctor’s office – not sure I’ll ask them to tell me what it is)
·         Meditate
·         Walk
·         Eat . . . hmmm.  Not sure what more to say
·         Wish someone . . . living or dead . . .a happy birthday

These are the things I’ll do as often as I can, at least a few times each week.
·         Write a poem or haiku
·         Art – painting or fabric
·         Sing
·         Write

So, check, check, check  . . . for all those tasks above.  For writing, I went back and wrote a Haiku that reflects the events of my birthday six and more decades ago.

June 19,1956

Should have known better
than to be born on Round Barn
game day at Center.

    This is the message that has lived in my head since the first time I heard about the day I was born.  So many emotions, none of them mine – until later.

      Happy birthday to me, I mean you (I am still not sure how to refer to myself when telling my story) ... a fat baby girl whose true identity was unknown to herself for years. 

      Sweet little baby Lora.  You with your beauty and creativity belong wherever you are.  You’ll develop great strength and strategies as you navigate the path.  May each year bring you closer to loving yourself, closer to those you cherish, fully.

      Haters – move on - or open your mind and join me on my journey.

Upper Left - closest thing to a baby pic on my computer.

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