Spiritual Arbiter - Artist, Writer, Listener, Mentor, Reader of Dreams (Day or Night)


Hello,  I'm Lori.  I started this blog several years ago while I was working full time as a religious education director in a church in Ames, Iowa.  I had the idea that I'd share glimpses of my life as a woman who was successful, fulfilled, and  meaningfully engaged in a great life.  That's all the same, but now I am no longer serving a church, but working on my own as a Spiritual Director (May 2013 Completion of DMPCC and Mt. St. Scholastica three year Spiritual Director Formation Program.)

Now, I work with people on any path, looking for new paths, trying to find old ones . . . I'm your Spiritual Listener and Mentor.  Here are situations that bring people to seek my counsel:
  • Choosing a Spiritual Practice - meditation, prayer, journals, watercolor, and journeying are my favorites, but we can find a way to make your passion your Spiritual Practice.
  • Dream Work
  • Accepting Self - Body and Soul
  • Undefinable Yearning
  • Crisis of Faith
  • Relationships - stuck, leaving, beginning.
  • Fear, grief, sadness
  • Break from traditional therapies 
  • Job and Life Coaching
  • People keep calling you a jerk . . . not saying you are.
  • Fear of commitment or intimacy.
  • Strength Quest
  • Defining your life's purpose as you age.
  • Medical roulette - so many symptoms, so few answers.
  • Chemicals, food, money, or compulsion control your life.
  • You don't know how to move on.
I would love to partner with you to look deeply into what is not working in your life.  I can show you new ways of looking at old habits, fears, trepidations, and regrets.  Your entire wonderful life is waiting for you to wake up . . . 

Please contact me at bloggerlori AT gmail DOT com to set up an appointment via video, email, or in person.   

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