Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tipping Point - Tipping Towards InnSaei

"Intuition: Even though I sleep, I know what you are building" © Lori Allen 2016
As you can see, the last time I wrote a blog post was the day after the 2016 US elections.  Before the election, I assumed that I'd react in much the same way I had in the past if the candidate I'd voted for lost.  I knew I'd be disappointed, but I'd move on and hope for the best for all.

That didn't happen.  It was a tipping point for me in my life.  I didn't plan on it being a tipping point.  I've had to find ways to manage the trauma of this fall I am taking from wherever I thought I was.

Anyone who's had a near death or close call experience can tell you, in the moments before the event actually happens to them, or when it appears to be inevitable that the event will happen, it seems as if time slows down.  Victims of violent crimes, survivors of auto accidents and plane crashes, or anyone who believed they were about to die, remembers parts of their event with great clarity in a slow-motion way.

Tapping into your intuition is a bit like being in that slow-motion setting of the moments before the calamity happens.  The amazing difference is that when connecting to your intuition you have the ability to act on what you see and comprehend in slow-motion time.  When you meditate, or act mindfully, you can slow the world down so that you have time to view what is happening and make well-thought decisions, take deliberate and holistic actions.

InnSaei, the Icelandic word for intuition, has three unique but very connected concepts.  They are:

  1. The Sea Within
    • This is the borderless sea of our inner world.  In contains our feelings, our understanding, our emotions.  In order for it to flow and move in ways that nurture, grow, and clense what it contains, we must allow it to move freely.  Connecting with nature is a great way to connect with our own personal sea.  Nature removes the noise of the outside world's demands and allows to to fully be and experience what flows within us.  When we try to create boxes or chambers for the inner sea - work, relationships, body, personal responsibilities, unresolved hurt and trauma - when we try to keep one thing separate from another, it diminishes the ability for our sea within to flow free and healthy.
  2. To See Within
    • This part of the intuition calls us to know ourselves, to accept and understand ourselves.  If we do not take time to establish our relationship with self, we will never be able to see ourselves in another's shoes.  The most difficult part of this component of intuition is to honest assess ourselves.  It does not mean to shame or blame ourselves or others, but to see roles an actions as they truly are. 
  3. To See From the Inside Out
    • When we are able to see within ourselves, it gives us a strong inner compass, the ability to look at the outside world, to navigate the ever changing world-scape with clarity and ability to co-create and make whole and holistic decisions.
My intuition tells me I've reached the end of what you're willing to read . . . today.  Breathe deeply, go into nature, and see the world slow down before your very mind.

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