Monday, March 4, 2013

Today is a good day because . . . .

1.  It's great to be alive.  I realized that as I was walking for the 15th day in a row, breathing in the crisp air in this amazing little Midwest city.  There are great trails in the great parts.  Ah - breathe in,  breathe out . . . . repeat.

2.  The plumber is here.  Ever since I moved in, the tub and shower in the guest bathroom have been a challenge.  The outdated two-handle faucet had no stopping or staring point.  One had to guess when  the faucets were fully opened or closed.  And recently, I could not get them to a point where there was enough water pressure to divert the faucet stream to the showerhead.  My goal was to limp along with the plumbing in this state until I had the funds saved to redo the entire bath - it's an old yellow fiberglass tub and three piece surround.  I would love tile and a white porcelain tub.  But, it's not been an option yet.  With family coming for a week, I felt compelled to have a decent shower for them.  So - I've opted for a "get by work around" that includes new handles, faucet, and shower head.  I won't have to apologize for the wimpy water pressure or do orientation sessions for people wanting to shower when they stay here.  Thanks Huff Mechanical.

3.  Ian is subbing for the Ames Public School District.  He graduated from ISU in December and is now a teacher.  Hopefully he'll find a full time teaching position for next fall, but for now he's getting a lot of calls to work as a sub in Ames.  Yeah Ian and his family.  Heather is well and writing more and more research articles all the time, and the girls are growing up so fast, becoming real little people with distinct personalities.

4.  Mallary and her family are coming to Ames on Saturday!  They're spending their spring break in Ames.  What a great plan.  Another child I am so proud of, and excited for their future.  Yeah Mallary and her family.  Doc is writing Mine Craft pages on FB and teaching at SIU.  Mallary is finishing her dissertation at SIU.  Mica talks to me while she lays in bed at night - I understand her mostly.  And Victor dictates a grocery list to me for their visit.  He laughs when I ask him questions like - how many cans of spagettios?  25 or 100?  He chooses 100.  More personalities evolving here.

5.  Molly.  Well, gee.  Just Molly.  She keeps me real.  We're going to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tomorrow.  It stars one of the past "idols."  We're excited.  Thanks for the tickets, Kent.

6.  Me.  I love my life.  There are parts that could use some shoring up, but I'm liking the present, aware of future needs, and assimilating the past.  What more is there?  Oh, and I love my job.  Who else gets to remind middle schoolers that they're made of stardust?  Yeah.  It's amazing.

7.  Friends and family.  You're the mirrors that remind me to comb my hair, and wear a little make-up.  Or not.  What else is there to say?

That's it.  For now.  These are the reasons I think today is a good day.